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Sustainable Practices in HVAC Industry

Cooling for a Cause: Sustainable Practices in the HVAC Industry

Discover how sustainable practices transform the HVAC industry, drive energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprints, and promote a greener future. Learn about innovations and strategies that make a difference.

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Facilities Management's Tomorrow

Facilities of Tomorrow: Adapting to Changing Work Environments

Explore how evolving work environments are reshaping facilities management. Discover trends, technologies, and strategies that are driving the transformation of workspaces to meet the demands of the future.

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Cooling Energy Management in Data Centers

Efficient Cooling Energy Management in Data Centers: Strategies for Sustainability

Discover innovative strategies for efficient cooling energy management in data centers. Learn how to optimize cooling systems, reduce energy consumption, and enhance sustainability in your data center operations.

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ESG Reporting

ESG Reporting: Communicating Our Commitment to Stakeholders

Discover the importance of transparent ESG reporting in the building support services industry. Learn how our commitment to environmental, social, and governance standards fosters trust and supports sustainable growth.

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Smart Technologies Transform Facilities Management

Smart Technologies in Facilities Management: Improving Efficiency and Sustainability

Discover how smart technologies are revolutionizing facilities management by enhancing operational efficiency and promoting sustainability. Learn about IoT sensors, energy management systems, and more.

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KJTS' Shareholders Approve All Resolutions In AGM

Shareholders Approve The First And Final Single Tier Dividend and Signal Strong Confidence in Company’s Future

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Enhance Indoor Air Quality with KJTS

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality: Strategies for a Healthier Built Environment

Discover effective strategies to enhance indoor air quality and create a healthier built environment. Learn about ventilation, air-purifying plants, non-toxic products, humidity control, and regular cleaning for optimal indoor air quality.

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Energy Efficient Solution for Sustainable Building

Energy-Efficient Solutions: Navigating the Future of Building Support Services

Explore the evolving landscape of energy-efficient building support services and discover how innovations are shaping the future of sustainable architecture. Learn about the latest trends and solutions in energy efficiency for buildings.

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KJTS Group Bhd Featured in APUEA Magazine, best building support industry

KJTS Group Bhd Featured in APUEA Magazine

We are super excited about the latest interview with APUEA Magazine.

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KJTS Group Bhd Featured in MIDA Going Global Series, Expanding Globally in Building Support Services

KJTS Group Bhd Featured in MIDA Going Global Series

We are thrilled to announce that KJTS Group has been featured in the prestigious MIDA Going Global Series!

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