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Cleaning Services

Our team strives for a holistic approach on all the cleaning services to your commercial property. Furthermore, we are driven to provide reliable long-term cleaning and maintenance services that keep your commercial properties well covered.

We provide a range of cleaning services that are intended to keep our clients’ premises clean and tidy. As the cleaning service contractor, we are responsible for providing the manpower to carry out the work and ensuring a sufficient supply of washroom consumables.

The types of cleaning services that we provide include regular cleaning, periodic cleaning, hygiene services, specialised furniture cleaning and treatment, thorough floor and carpet cleaning, external façade and window cleaning, swimming pool cleaning, event cleaning, exterior cleaning and landscaping

Our cleaning services are mainly for the following types of properties:
  • commercial and mixed properties such as offices, shopping centres, retail outlets, food service outlets and gymnasiums, as well as commercial mixed with residential properties;
  • high-density residential properties such as condominiums
  • theme parks.
We also provide specialized cleaning services for cleanrooms in manufacturing facilities that involve specific skills and/or equipment.