Facilities Management Services - KJTS

Facilities Management

KJTS delivers a comprehensive and highly customisable range of facilities management services, which harnesses the use of our technical experience and technological platforms to provide our clients with transparent and cost-effective solutions.

Our highly customizable range of services can be provided on a standalone basis or as integrated solutions.

Whether you require a precise and specialised treatment of hard services or a practical assortment of soft services, we, at KJTS, have got you covered.

With our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, we strive to meet your needs at every level, reducing the breakdown frequency of your facilities with our planned Preventive and Predictive Maintenance (PPM) measures. We will also ensure that every system employed more than meets industry standards, provides you with high energy saving and efficiency, is cost-effective, environmentally sound, and sustainable for your long-term visions and plans.

Additionally, if you would require detailed monitoring and active assessments of your facilities and its operations, from your equipment efficiency down to your service administration, we can provide detailed methodologies that employ your very own, in-house recourses to safeguard any surplus of your cost, energy and resources. With our formulated systems and vast infrastructural experiences, we provide the support and guidance needed for your peace of mind.