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KJTS Group provides one stop integrated building support services on a regional scale.

KJTS Group offers a combination of cooling energy solution, cleaning services and facilities management services. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to integrate methods into our services that can successfully decrease energy usage and carbon emissions while addressing environmental issues.

We currently operate in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

As KJTS Group has expanded, we have developed our own distinctive holistic approaches to serve our clients. Whether it's through tangible products or intangible ideas, we go beyond simply providing satisfactory service. We invest in and trust all aspects of our core business operations. Our commitment to delivering dependable, long-lasting performance with utmost reliability is unwavering.

Our accreditations allow us the ability to provide you with a competent and quality service for your peace of mind. Here’s a list of our certifications:

iot facilities management
iot facilities management
iot facilities management
iot facilities management

Malaysia MyHijau

Suruhanjaya Tenaga
(Energy Commission)

CIDB Malaysia
(Grade G7)

Ministry of Finance

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iot facilities management

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iot facilities management

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iot facilities management

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