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At KJTS Group, we conduct our business in an open and transparent manner that is based on ethical values and respect for the community, our clients, our employees, the environment and all our stakeholders. Our policy below helps to ensure that these values are reflected in the work we do every day, and that those with whom we do business have values similar to ours and operate with integrity.

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Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental (QHSE) Policy

KJTS Group recognizes that offering its clients the highest quality of total energy solution service, managing Occupational Health and Safety and protecting the Environment are essential to the long-term success of its business endeavours. To achieve these goals the organization shall:

  • Build and uphold our clients’ loyalty
  • Comply with all applicable QHSE obligations
  • Provide and enhance QHSE knowledge to employees for continual improvement of QHSE management and performance
  • Take reasonable and practicable steps to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses among employees, clients and public as well as prevent property damage
  • Committed to eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks at workplace
  • Continuously assess our organizational activities and identify areas where we can minimize impacts
  • Take effective steps to protect the environment including preventing and eliminating environmental pollution
  • Provide on-going training and people development in Quality Health and Safety, Energy Efficient and Environment Protection
  • Committed to satisfy applicable and future Energy Efficient requirements
  • Regular review of business improvement opportunities
  • Consulting and cooperating with employees and/or employees’ representatives on QHSE matters

The organization shall provide the necessary resources to achieve the above policy.

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Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy

KJTS Group adopts a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of corruption and bribery. KJTS Group are committed to ensure the effectiveness of this policy being implemented towards all levels of the subsidiaries.

Scope of this Policy are for the Employees of KJTS Group and all parties engaged by KJTS Group or performing work or services for or on behalf of KJTS Group. It is mandatory for all parties to comply with this policy when performing work or services.

In relation to Anti-bribery and Anti- corruption Policy, KJTS Group requires all employee and related parties to:

  • Act lawfully, ethically and in the public interest
  • Prohibit bribery and corruption; and
  • Not tolerate illegal or unethical behaviour by clients, suppliers or by public officials.

KJTS Group shall provide avenues for its employees, any parties acting for and on behalf of members of the public to make reports on any improper conduct within KJTS Group.

KJTS Group will take stern disciplinary action against employees and terminate business transaction with any party found in breach of this policy.

This anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy shall be reviewed as often as necessary.

View the full Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy and Procedures here.

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Whistleblowing Policy

Guiding Principles:

  • Anyone can raise any complaint/concern regarding any malpractice which he/she thinks that such practice was illegal which tantamount to corrupt practice
  • Must raise the complaint/concern in good faith and the allegation and information given are substantial. Whistle-blower must reasonably believe that information provided are substantially true
  • Raising complaint/concern shall be done without fear or favour
  • Whistle-blower shall not act for his/her own personal gain

KJTS Group Commitments:

  • KJTS Group committed to protect the whistle-blowers from any acts of retaliation, harassment or subjected to being victimization and protection of whistle-blower will be done as per the current statutory requirement
  • KJTS Group commits to act upon all the allegation raised and ensure that action taken against the alleged person/s
  • Complaint/concern raised by the whistle-blower shall be treated with strict confidentiality in line with the statutory requirement

Required Information from Whistle-blower:

  • Type of malpractice conducted
  • Suspected person/s and the details
  • Transacted amount (if known)
  • Activity that lead to malpractice; details such as date, time, location, who were involved and other information
  • Any other information/evidence which can support the allegation

Reporting Channel:

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KJTS Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

KJTS Group is committed to respecting the Human Rights throughout our business operations. This Human Rights Policy is based upon KJTS Group intention to conduct business ethically, legally and with integrity. KJTS Group recognises that business has the responsibility to respect human rights and the ability to contribute to human rights impacts positively.

This policy outlines our commitment to:

Safe and Healthy Workplace
We provide a safe and healthy workplace environment for employees. We are fully complied with health and safety laws, regulations and requirements. We are dedicated to maintaining a productive workplace and commit to take every measure to prevent job-related injuries and illnesses and aim for zero fatalities.

Workplace Security
We provide a safe and mutually respectful workplace environment to ensure all employees are free from any acts of physical, verbal, sexual or psychological harassment, bullying, abuse or threats in the workplace.

Equal Opportunity and No Discrimination
We shall not discriminate against any worker based on any form of discrimination against our employees based on race, gender, colour, religion, language, marital status, political or other opinion, national or social origin, birth, property, age, union affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, or other distinguishing characteristics. Any employment-related decisions, from hiring to termination and retirement, must be based solely on lawful, non-discriminatory criteria. In addition, workers or potential workers should not be subjected to medical tests or physical exams that could be used in discriminatory way.

Free Choice of Employment
We shall not engage in or support the use of forced labour. The Company rejects any form of forced or obligatory labour. All work is voluntary, and employees have the freedom to leave or terminate their employment after giving reasonable notice. We do not require our employees to surrender any government issued identification, passports or work passes. In addition, we also do not retain the above documents in our custody as a condition for employment. Forced, bonded (including debt bondage) or indentured labour, involuntary prison labour, slavery or trafficking of persons shall not be used. This includes transporting, harbouring, recruiting, transferring, or receiving persons by means of threat, force, coercion, abduction or fraud for labour or services. There shall be no unreasonable restrictions on workers’ freedom of movement in the facility in addition to unreasonable restrictions on entering or exiting company-provided facilities.

Child Labour
We do not tolerate the hiring of child labour under any circumstances. The term ‘child’ refers to any person under the age of 15 or under the age of completing compulsory education or under the minimum age for employment in the country, whichever is greatest.

Personal Data Protection
We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our employees’ personal information. We shall treat all personal data with integrity.

This Human Rights Policy shall be reviewed as often as necessary. KJTS Group provides avenue for its employees, any parties acting for and on behalf of members of the public to make reports on any improper conduct within KJTS Group.

Reporting Channel:

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