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Wireless Controlled
Building Management

Our technology-based building management in-house software and hardware are IoT enabled.

How IoT works is through live information streaming in real-time, providing proactive maintenance and management through data analysis and recording via wireless technology.

From a management standpoint, the system can gauge and inform users of the possibility and confirmation of equipment and technical failure, supply records of underutilised resources in given areas, and present possible solution plans to optimise effective use of energy and overall facility management regardless of the current location.

In other words, IoT allows you, our clients, the convenience to reduce the use of conventional methods for building maintenance and oversights. This includes alleviating wait times for issue resolutions, such as equipment malfunctions, that would otherwise be stalled due to logistically and physically limiting factors.

All these are closely monitored by experienced engineers via a centralised command centre at a designated Head Quarters.

The System

The system operates by first identifying the issue or problem of the facility and building. If there is a malfunction or inconsistency, you would be alerted, immediately giving you the ability to contact central command without the need of calling in to the company’s service operator. The system would then auto-generate a ticket, saving the time, resources, and cost that would otherwise be used for an operator to manually open up a case, provide and record a ticket number, and transcribe a report. Plus, tickets issued by the system would be stored within the cloud storage, allowing easy access and locating.

The issue would then be addressed digitally by the engineers at HQ via various troubleshooting methods.

However, if problems persist, an engineer would then be physically assigned to handle the case and will be provided with an auto-generated report of the issue(s). This allows them the precision and preparation to handle the task(s).

With live information being delivered, you would be made fully aware of cost breakdowns (from equipment to repair costs) and equipment status during initial assessments, making approval and consultation exchanges transparent and better supervised between you and our team.

The Benefits

As our clients, you stand to gain on various levels with IoT, time efficiency being the main benefit that holds everything together. The use of our technology would eliminate waiting periods to get any issues solved and solutions implemented. Your cost, in effect, would then be reduced, while your material and resource surplus minimised. Plus, you would be fully informed and in total control of your building’s management. This ensures your facility, both physically and conceptually, runs at its highest efficiency without your need to be fully invested, allowing you the ability to focus your efforts on what really matters; your main business objectives.