KJTS Group Regional Expansion - Thailand

KJTS Group Regional Expansion - Thailand

KJTS Group announces the signing of an agreement with TN Group Thailand to create a joint venture (JV) in energy and facilities management: KJTN Engineering Co., Ltd. (KJTN). This joint venture is highly strategic and in line with both KJTS and TN Group’s objectives and business direction. It brings together the combination of KJTS Group energy management expertise and technical know-how plus TN Group 50 years of experience as Thailand’s leading company in the production and the import of industry-related products, to create top-notch integrated energy management and facilities management solutions to the region.

The agreement has been signed on 20th October 2020 for both KJTS Group and TN Group to form a new entity to explore more business opportunities in Thailand, especially in the BOO/BOT/ROT segment, bringing together the industrial expertise and financial capacity of both companies.

As agreed, both KJTS and TN Group, are combining their assets and project pipeline in this new entity, working together to become a regional top leader in the sector. The company’s core businesses are Energy Management, District Cooling Plant, Performance Guaranteed O&M Contracts and Facilities Management via Technology Solution.

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